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Directed by Sharon Bibb

Whoop-i-e-e-ee! Hold on, ’pawdners,’ for a rip-snortin’, rootin’-tootin’ musical spoof of the Old West. This fast-paced comedy is filled with a goofy stable of hilarious characters: our trailblazin’ hero, Chuck Wagon, our sweet heroine, Candy Cane and the villainous crooked card dealer, Smiling Slade Claggett. A wagon train breaks down at Whistling Skull Rock, outside the tiny town of Vinegar Bottle. The wagon train promptly gets robbed by the mysterious outlaw known as ’The Snake.’ Through a crazy twist in the plot, Chuck is accused of being the bandit. Proving his innocence isn’t easy... but it is a hoot! Then mix with mirth, melody, action and a laugh-a-minute and you’ve got some idea of what happens when those wacky wagon wheels went rollin’ west.

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