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Advocacy Resources

The many shows and programs at Historic Fayette Theater are made possible not only by the contributions of patrons like you but with state and federal funding. This funding helps us continue making the arts accessible to our community, presenting a year-round schedule of shows, and attracting patrons from across the country.


You can help secure continued funding for our work and that of organizations all over the state and country by making use of the resources provided on this page. Arts organizations around the country continue to face unprecedented difficulties. Further support from both our state and federal government will help to ensure the continued vibrancy of this vital industry in the years to come. Your voice has power. Contacting your representatives to let them know that you support continued and expanded funding for the arts is a tremendously valuable way to show your support.

The links on this page contain information about how you can be an arts advocate along with helpful information and outreach templates.

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